1.0 General Information.
1.1 Please read these Terms & Conditions and Safety Guidelines carefully. It is the host/hirers responsibility to ensure these Terms & Conditions and Safety Guidelines are fully adhered to at all times. For insurance purposes, adults are deemed as persons over the of 17 years, children are deemed as 16 years of age and under on the day of the booking.
1.2 Magical Mascots Carmarthenshire will not be held liable for any damage or injury to property or persons during the hire period if you do not adhere to our Terms & Conditions and Safety Advice. All persons are participating at their own risk.
1.3 A disclaimer will be required to be signed by the host/hirer on the day of the booking to confirm you have read, acknowledged and accept these Terms and Conditions
1.4 For private bookings, you agree that parental consent has been obtained for all the children involved, directly or indirectly.
1.5 Our mascots & costumes are lookalike costumes. We are not affiliated or claim to be associated with any Film, TV or Entertainment Character Company and do not represent any well known figure or character. Our unofficial lookalike costumes are all handmade for a private collection. For licensed costumes and mascots please contact the relevant licensed holders.
1.6 Our mascots always carry their their DBS certificates and will be happy to show you if asked.

2.0 Booking Information
2.1 Bookings made are NOT secured until a deposit is paid.
2.2 Deposits are non-refundable once payment has been made, unless it falls within our Cancellation Policy. Please see Section 5.0 for our Cancellation Policy.
2.3 The outstanding balance can be paid prior to the date booked or directly to one of our staff members on the day. If payed on the day we will only accept cash prior to the entertainer starting their appearance.
2.4 The prices agreed at booking will be final, however if any changes are made once the booking has been confirmed then a change to our fees may be incurred. This includes but not exclusive to change of costume, date, time, address etc.
2.5 All booked events will be confirmed by email to ensure all details are correct. Please contact us if any details are incorrect. If we do not receive any correspondence from you then we will assume that all details are correct at the time of booking.
2.6 We have the right to cancel bookings at any time. Deposits will be refunded in full for any cancellations made by Magical Mascots Carmarthenshire.
2.7 We can’t stay any longer than the given per-arranged time slot for the party or event.

3.0 Safety
3.1 Mascots can only perform outdoors if the weather is dry or if undercover, please advise us when booking if the mascots will be required to perform outside.
3.2 Absolutely no smoking, BBQ’s or naked flames around the mascots.
3.3 No drinks, food, sweets, ice cream, glitter or paint around the mascots. Any cleaning cost will be passed on to the hirer/host.
3.4 During the performances we have the right to stop at any time for short rest breaks, or for any safety reasons that the performer deems unsafe.
3.5 Any abuse to any staff members will result in the job being cancelled with full payment still being required.
3.6 If there is not enough room or suitable access to perform we have the right to cancel with full payment still being required.
3.7 Do not let older children or teenagers to ‘bully’ the mascots. We reserve the right to cancel with full payment still being required.
3.8 The Mascots require plenty of room to move and walk freely and any trip-able hazards must be removed. Please be aware that the entertainer cannot see very well inside the costumes and Magical Mascots Carmarthenshire will not be held responsible for any damage or injury caused.
3.9 It is the hirer/host or parents responsibility to keep children at a safe distance.

4.0 Mascot Specific
4.1 The mascots must have a safe and private place to get into the costumes or take breaks away from the main event area, this is to prevent the children seeing the costumes being put on. Please advise us at the time of booking if this is this is not possible so that we can arrange a suitable alternative.
4.2 Mascots may require a short break after 30mins to avoid over heating.
4.3 Mascots do not speak at all, this excludes princesses or any other face-face mascots.
4.4 Do not let little ones see us put on or remove the costume.
4.5 Mascots will not approach the children if they feel the children are nervous around them or need to get used to the mascot.
4.6 For safety reasons the mascots do not ‘pat’ children on the head or pick them up. This is for safety reasons,but also it can scare small children as they need time to get used to the mascot.
4.7 Mascots will enter the venue and keep a distance from the children until the children start to approach the mascot.

5.0 Cancellations Policy
5.1 Cancellations must be made by email atleast 14 days before the date of your booking. Failure to do so will result in the loss of your deposit.
5.2 Failure to cancel within 48hrs of the booked date will result in the full amount being due.
5.3 We have the right to cancel any booking if deemed unsafe or there are unsafe areas to work in. The full amount will still be charged.
5.4 If you need to cancel your booking for an alternative day, please contact us as soon as you can to check the availability of the mascots.
5.5 On the rare occurrence that Magical Mascots Carmarthenshire have to cancel the booking, any money paid will be refunded to you in full.
5.6 Magical Mascots Carmarthenshire do often out of good will, allow the customer to re-arrange their booking, however, it is at the discretion of Magical Mascots Carmarthenshire to allow customers to transfer their deposit money to another date if they fall outside points 5.1, 5.2, 5.3 and 5.4/

6.0 Complaints
If for any reason you are unhappy with any of the services we have provided then please email us at : info@magicalmascots.co.uk
We will acknowledge all complaints on receipt of your email & will respond within 7 days.